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What's the girly movie you secretly love? Crazy Credits. Then, just as they had just switched dates, Carlos asks Jeanette what she would like to know about BTR and the girl answers that she would love to find out what hair products they use, causing James to stare at his former date in a dumbfounded expression as the cameras took pictures of them. Kendall, then comes back with two pink smoothies and finds Katie sitting alone on the bench, he then asks her where Bobby went, and Katie tells Kendall that he has attempted to kiss her, then she threatened to punch him, then he tried again, then he got punched for real, then got told to get lost, sending Kendall into an inner panic when the team for Pop Tiger team comes and looks for Bobby. James has multiple relationships with girls throughout the series and he considered himself an expert on relationship. Kendall and Jo decided to help Carlos find a date for the double date to see the new movie "Kiss and Tell". He has Katie be his talent manager and eventually gets a job as an elbow model after being attacked with "handsome.

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James Diamond

Boyfriend ft. James Diamond is first introduced as the pretty boy who only wants to be famous and desperately wants to get out of Minnesota to be a pop star in California. James and Katie are very close and sometimes James gets very protective over her. Who is your celebrity crush? Leave A Comment Uh-oh! But when Logan confronted Camille to be with her, Camille's date, Steve, showed up. I would like to play myself.

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